Why did you name your blog ‘traytray blogs’?

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The man pictured with me in this slideshow is my publicist, Billy, and by publicist I mean that Billy is my friend who made me a twitter account on his phone one night when were out at a bar.  All I wanted to do was dance that night or “drance” as I was calling it (drunk dancing) and implored Billy to join me in cutting a rug or, rather, “splintering a board” being that the dance floor was hardwood as opposed to carpet.  Unbeknownst to me Billy was tweeting every ridiculous thing I said that night and apparently his followers were LOL-ing enough that he suggested I create an account in order to consistently deliver my thoughts of random nonsense to the web.  From there I became a twitter addict and progressed to freelance writing on the internet. 

Billy is not my publicist but if I ever became famous he would be.  Billy is a college graduate who studied advertising, PR and design and he has many talents.  He once fought a bear with nothing but a piece of Swiss cheese and won and THAT is a completely made up story–the stuff about being a college grad and the talented part is true though.

My blog is called traytray blogs and my twitter is @traytraytweets because for as long as I can remember Billy has called me “Traytray” and told me I am “craycray”.  Here is a typical conversation between the two of us:

Billy:  Yo, what up Traytray?

Me:  Hey hey! 

Billy:  You so craycray!

Me:  All the day-day!

and more ridiculous rhyming ensues…


4 Responses “Why did you name your blog ‘traytray blogs’?” →
  1. I am hooked. I would like to be your business manager!

  2. Hilarious. Wonderful choice in pics.


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