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Share your craziest, stangest most bizarre dating stories!! Receive professional(ish) insight

October 8, 2011


    Arguably, the brutality of the dating scene is synonymous with most—if not all—lovelorn and a single horrendous dating experience can turn one from quixotic to master cynic before the check has even been signed. Have you ever been on a dating streak that left you wondering where all the sane men/women have gone? […]

Need some inspiration? Motivation? Abstinence from trepidation?

September 21, 2011


You. Are. WELCOME.

Poll: Was Brad Pitt sincere in his apology over Jen Aniston remarks?

September 18, 2011


Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images After a media frenzy over Brad Pitt’s description of his life as “dull” during his marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt went into damage control, issuing a statement that his remarks were misintepreted. Was Pitt sincere in his apology? You tell me!  

Get featured: Send your Halloween couples costume ideas and fun photos

September 11, 2011


Photo credit: Kristinakb | I am currently prepping to start on some Halloween-themed articles for Suite101 and Examiner. What are some of your favorite, most unique choices for couples’ halloween costumes? (i.e. Peter and Lois Griffin, Lady Gaga and that dude she dressed up as at the VMA’s). If you have pics you’d like […]

Why my acne medication is giving me insomnia and other topics that aren’t relevant to anyone else

August 15, 2011


Well after a year 1/2 battle with acne breakouts, trying every topical remedy under the sun and enough foundation to fill up the Gulf (better that than a clusterf**k of BP’s leakage…oh snap!), I decided to seek the advice of my doctor. Apparently I have acne rosacea and each and every topical treatment I was using was […]

Worst pick-up lines

August 12, 2011


What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard? Submit your story below in the comment section with you first name, age and location (or if you prefer to be kept anonymous that is fine and simply mark your comment ‘anonymous’) and I will feature it in an upcoming article for the Baltimore Dating Examiner […]

First Date Anxieties that make you say ‘WTF’?? (Poll)

August 11, 2011


   Call it what you want–jitters, butterflies, stomach flops–the first date can bring each and every one of us SOME form of anxiety that can be both exulting and terrifying. Certain trepidations can be completely warranted on an initial romantic rendez-vouse, such as… When you notice something being crushed up into your drink…whether it’s a roofie […]