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Share your craziest, stangest most bizarre dating stories!! Receive professional(ish) insight

October 8, 2011


    Arguably, the brutality of the dating scene is synonymous with most—if not all—lovelorn and a single horrendous dating experience can turn one from quixotic to master cynic before the check has even been signed. Have you ever been on a dating streak that left you wondering where all the sane men/women have gone? […]

Hooooooot Pocket! Jim Gaffigan look-alike

September 29, 2011


Well, well, well if it isn’t one of my favorite stand-up comedians (or doppleganger, as it were) checking a text at Panera Bread. Judging by the expression on his face it’s a message that didn’t exactly tickle his funny bone.

Someone likes grapes…

September 6, 2011


I am taking a class on Nutrition and Weight Control this semester and this is the photo splashed across the first chapter of my textbook. Ummmm…..provocative?

Thoughts I had while watching the most recent episode of Keeping up with the Karshashians

August 31, 2011


Photo Credit: jingdianmeinv3 Scott Disick (Disic? Disik? I follow him on twitter I should know this) and Rob Kardashian have reconciled since their year-long falling out. In celebration of their sutured friendship, the two drink a round of beers and embark on a homo-erotic bike ride. The bromantic tension cloys at the air as […]

Lazy day: Where are my cats?!

August 29, 2011


I had a lazy day today–TV, sweatpants and snacking…All I needed was 40 cats to make it official.

My tweets to Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney

August 29, 2011


For whatever reason Twitter suggested Sarah Palin to me in my recent “Who to Follow” list, which reminded me of how creeped out I am by Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann and I decided to shoot her a message, along with Mitt Romney respectfully.   @traytraytweets Tracy Dye   @MiceleBachmann GIRRRRLLL gay people are WHERE IT’S […]

Hurricane Irene: “Blowing my way up the eastern seaboard; it’s like I go to Wellesley”

August 28, 2011


Image credit: Raisa Kanareva and NASA Goddard Photos Hurricane Irene has been busy blowing her way up the east coast (skank!) but somewhere in between the bluster and erosion she found time to create a profile on the popular and cost-free dating site OkCupid in an attempt to find love (or at the least, a […]