Why my acne medication is giving me insomnia and other topics that aren’t relevant to anyone else

Posted on August 15, 2011


Well after a year 1/2 battle with acne breakouts, trying every topical remedy under the sun and enough foundation to fill up the Gulf (better that than a clusterf**k of BP’s leakage…oh snap!), I decided to seek the advice of my doctor. Apparently I have acne rosacea and each and every topical treatment I was using was completely useless being that all bacteria is underneath the skin and the condition requires an oral antibiotic (doxycycline) in order to go away. My doctor also mentioned to me that her daughter is a fair-skinned redhead as well and suffered from acne rosacea.

Well, that’s what a soulless ginger like me GETS for walking outside in the sunlight I suppose! I wish I could have the same reaction to the sun as Edward What’s-his-face from that Twilight crap and just get all bedazzled but apparently I just break out. FABULOUS.

Anyhow, I’m on antibiotics now along with a cream called Retin A to kill all the bacteria that rises to the surface with the pimples. It’s been less than a week that I’ve been taking the medication and I am already noticing a huge difference which is awesome. Unfortunately, the antibiotics have some nauseating side effects and certain stipulations:

  • I can’t have anything with calcium, magnesium or iron 2 hrs. before and after taking the antibiotic and I have to take it twice a day. Guess it’s fruit and celery sandwiches for me!
  • I get really nauseous from it for about an hour if I don’t have the perfect amount of food on my stomach and discovered this when I tossed my cookies (literally, I had just eaten some cookies…minus the glass of milk of course) one morning after taking the pill.
  • Being a ginger I’m already a walking risk for skin cancer and now I am extra susceptible to sunburn.

I’ve also discovered that cocktails and weird adult acne medication don’t mix. After a simply DELIGHTFUL time at my friend’s bday I decided to commute to ANOTHER bday but quickly felt my insides yelling at me on my way down the highway. Fortunately the shoulder of the road makes for an excellet puke-and-run spot, so I did just that.

I now refuse to drink alcohol again until I am completely through with all of this which would be a bummer but being that my slight 5’3 1/2″ (5’4″ on a good day) frame already leaves little room for alcohol to circulate without making me act a fool, that’s probably not such a bad thing. I still want to go to bars with friends but I’ll just be playing pretend with virgin daquiris and lime-and-seltzers. If a man buys me a drink I’ll kindly bestow it onto one of my guy friends who doesn’t get free drinks due to their XY chromosome and VOILA, I’ve just done my good deed for the day! In addition, with no alcohol in my system I’ll be granted a reprieve from the game “why did I say that last night?” and “should I call him and apologize?”

See what happens when you take a glass-half-full (of something non-alcoholic) attitude? To my friends, I love you all and look forward to being your designated driver.

P.S. Everyone that reads this put the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard in the comments box pleeeeaaasssee. I realize that has nothing to do with anything but I wrote about it in my last entry and since it didn’t really pick up views, I don’t have many to use for an article in my Baltimore Dating section at Examiner.com. Thanks loves!!




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