Weighing in on Weiner

Posted on June 16, 2011



This is a picture of what I imagine me and my friend Alice’s reactions would be if we received a tweet of Anthony Weiner’s…er…wiener.  Regardless of whether you support or oppose the now-resigned congressman, there’s no denying that those leaked photos of his Hanes-clad pogo stick, chesticles and just-finished-getting-swoll-at-the-gym smirk are CREEPY.  If you’re a single woman and you’ve ever signed up for a free dating site in favor of blind dates and the bar scene you’re already aware of the creepy cell phone pictures certain men seem to think will be appealing.  Although I’m quite a fan of the fellas, I have never had the desire to have one of the incoming messages on my cell to display a shirtless dude with a vacant I-majored-in-how-to-roofie-drinks-in-college look on their face OR a shirtless dude with a lascivious grin OR anything alluding to excitement happening below the belt. 

That being said, assuming that Anthony Weiner did nothing illegal and the exchanging of provocative pictorials (not to mention PECtorals) was consensual (although I am not sure of the details and if anything he sent was against one of the women’s consent or he was romantically pursuing a minor then OBVIOUSLY his behavior is beyond appalling and everyone has a right to be outraged) I don’t really see what there is to flip out about.  On blog and article comments as well as splashed across every news network there seems to be scathing criticism toward Weiner and condemnations toward the ethics of the Democratic party as a whole as well as outrage from supporters over the scrutiny towards Weiner’s private life and career decimation. 


Republican politicians have been involved in sexual scandals…Democratic politicians have been involved in sexual scandals…Countless other people from varying backgrounds and stature have been involved in sexual scandals. The fact that Anthony Weiner was involved in a “let-me-tweet-these-chicas-the-party-in-my-pants-and-chesticles” scandal doesn’t mean that the entire Democratic party can be represented as corrupt and the same goes for the Republican party. People cheat on their wives/husbands and it is extremely unfortunate but it gets on my nerves when people use these personal issues as fodder for their argument against one party or the other. If you’re going to argue politics, keep the topic political.

To conclude, here is a video on my two cents (sorry the sounds is out of sync with me for some reason…my webcam is weird sometimes)

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