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June 28, 2011



Wish that beetle had been a volkswagon!!

June 26, 2011


This video is random and ridiculous (as promised!) and recaps my week. I have been accosted by a beetle in my bedroom, developed some new fleeting crushes and hope to be Ryan Reynolds’s future wife. Enjoy!

One more week!!

June 25, 2011


Hello to all my loyal readers (all TWO of you)! Well, I haven’t updated because of a hellish week in my summer Anatomy & Physiology class which consisted of me studying and…studying and…studying and then crying myself to sleep before taking the hardest exam of my life. One more week and the class is DONE […]

Weighing in on Weiner

June 16, 2011


  This is a picture of what I imagine me and my friend Alice’s reactions would be if we received a tweet of Anthony Weiner’s…er…wiener.  Regardless of whether you support or oppose the now-resigned congressman, there’s no denying that those leaked photos of his Hanes-clad pogo stick, chesticles and just-finished-getting-swoll-at-the-gym smirk are CREEPY.  If you’re a single woman […]

Smart and quirky guys are SEXY: Talk nerdy to me!

June 15, 2011


One of my best friends is attempting to seduce David Spade via twitter.  I became enlightened of this fact after an exchange between her and I on my facebook wall: Anna: You were trying to get Justin Timberlake’s attention on Twitter…I was trying to get David Spade’s.  Sad? Me:  Spade’s on twitter?!?!??!?! Anna:  Hells yeah!  I […]